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Quantitative Trading Group

Specializes in quantitative trading solutions for CTA’s, hedge funds, mutual funds (including 1940 act), RIA’s, family offices and banks.  This team provides high-touch service from our trade desk including multi-asset electronic and voice execution, block trading, allocations and special settlement accounts. Coverage areas include US, Latin America, Europe, Asia and offshore.

Brokerage Services

  • Agency only and DMA execution/custody by TradeStation.
  • Automated trading, automated reporting, customized trading systems, execution algos
  • Block trading and allocations (outbound DVP/RVP, give-up, and CMTA)
  • Trade away processing and settlement for Equities and Futures
  • API and FIX integration for data, execution and black box trading
  • EMS and OMS integration for execution and drop copy reporting
  • Capital introduction program for qualified institutions
  • Managed Futures and Equities
  • Soft dollar and strategy programming services
  • Customizable and automated trade reporting for all account types

Institutions Covered

  • Hedge funds, CPO’s, pension funds, RIA’s and CTA’s
  • Mutual funds, Investment Act of 1940 mutual funds and tri-party accounts
  • Family offices
  • Prop and treasury side of banks
  • Prop trading firms
  • Broker dealers

Special Account Types

  • Outbound DVP/RVP equity accounts and give-up futures accounts
  • Equities and futures block trading and allocation
  • Master block accounts for funded, give-up and DVP/RVP
  • Tri-party accounts for 1940 Act fund accounts
  • Omgeo OASYS for equities allocation and settlement
  • Portfolio margin for qualified accounts
  • EMSX for SOR, International and Algo execution
  • EMSX for futures execution

Products and Services

  • Equities master account and allocations
  • Futures master account real-time cross margin and P/L reporting
  • Dedicated trade technician with WebEx support
  • Dedicated trader specializing in automated trading and voice execution
  • TradeStation trading platform
  • FIX and API integration for data, execution, real-time drop copies and reporting
  • Execution via third-party platforms
  • Order execution via Bloomberg
  • Algorithms  
  • Colocation, cross-connectivity and hosting solutions

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