A team-based approach focused
on providing excellent service

"The people at TradeStation Understand our business and care about our suceess. We know we can trust them"

John Smith, Managing Partner
A Well Known Company, Inc.


Through our full-service and flexible approach, TradeStation Institutional provides eligible clients with tailored comprehensive trading solutions designed to meet their specific needs.

Key services include the following:

Team Desk Coverage


Brokerage Services


Execution Services

Team Desk Coverage Brokerage Services Execution Services
With extensive experience covering institutions throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe and offshore markets, our multilingual relationship management, sales traders and back-office personnel provide clients with a dedicated and responsive support staff. Using our full-service and flexible approach, TradeStation Institutional is able to provide tailored comprehensive trading solutions to meet each client’s needs. We offer a wide range of brokerage services designed to meet the complex needs of institutional investors. TradeStation offers institutional investors comprehensive electronic execution services across multiple asset classes. Our smart order routing and algorithmic execution technologies allow investors access to both displayed and non-displayed execution venues while minimizing market impact and transaction costs.
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